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Very limited spots available

Spiritual Aligment Coaching 


Accepting new clients for the summer!

Purpose & Mission

This Spiritual Alignment Coaching program is meant to assist you in your own ascension past this reality. During this process, we will work towards creating your complete mind, body, and spirit connection. In order to allow yourself to achieve full spiritual alignment, you'll need to work through any third-dimensional mental and emotional blockages that you may have in this lifetime.
Once the emotional blockages are clear and no longer holding you back from your fullest potential and truest self, it's important to work through any past life trauma, karma, or soul contracts that you may have created as we access the Akashic Records.
Through this program, you'll also be able to build your own spiritual practice, allowing your soul to connect with your psychic abilities. You'll learn to work with divination tools, such as tarot and oracle cards, and we'll work with your higher self, spirit guides, starseed family, and multi-dimensional beings to find your true purpose in this lifetime.
Ultimately, you will raise yourself to 5D consciousness and awaken to your highest self!

Sessions include:

  • Tarot Readings 

  • Higher Self Activations

  • Light Language Energy Healing (Reiki) 

  • Past Life Regression 

  • Meet Your Spirit Guides

  • Meditations

  • Weekly Spiritual Resources

  • Weekly Homework


  • 4 sessions  - $888

  • 6 sessions  - $1,222

  • 8 sessions  - $1,666

  • 12 sessions - $2,222

* Monthly payment plans are available for wider accessibility of this program.

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