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    A Beautiful Awakening: My Spiritual Journey


I have always been a very spiritual person, but for 26 years I hid my psychic abilities. Early on, I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else. While other children played with toys, I was experiencing strange sensations which I now know were interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than myself. I've never been afraid of being different but growing up in a Christian household, I was afraid of what I did not understand.


My mediumship abilities developed pretty early on and I fought hard against them, later being diagnosed with an array of mental health issues. For so long, I was depressed. I felt so unworthy. I found that I was just swimming through life without actually embracing (or caring) about all of the parts of me that matter. I constantly worked multiple jobs while also juggling some sort of degree program. I was just a mule. In 2020, we were impacted by a worldwide pandemic, and everything changed in an instant. 

I picked up my first deck of tarot cards in June and very quickly, I dove into the world of spirituality, picking others up who may have once fallen off of their paths just like I once did. I am a testament that you can feel very hopeless, very tired, and feel like it's never going to end... but it does. It can. We are in control. 

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