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A 3 or 6-month transformational 1:1 coaching program where

you develop spiritual mastery and live a more magically aligned life


  • Disconnected from themselves 

  • Trapped by emotional blockages

  • Distant from their intuition 

  • Unclear on their life’s purpose 

  • Unsure how to begin a spiritual practice, and connect to the Universe and their spirit guides


  • Harness the power of your intuition

  • Untangle your anxious and fear-based thoughts using cognitive behavioral psychology methods and Dr. David Burns’ “Feeling Good” 

  • Grow your meditation practice into a daily routine 

  • Connect to your highest self through visualization, meditation, and shadow work 

  • Meet your spiritual team of guides, angels, and ancestors

  • Balance and heal your chakras with reiki and light energy 

  • Slow down and observe the powerful synchronicities and signs you receive from your guides throughout your daily life 

  • Learn about your past lives and quantum heal timelines through a 2-hour past life regression

  • Ascend to your highest level of consciousness! 

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My work with Anastacia has been nothing short of a total transformation. For the past seven years, I was in and out of therapy, trying to deal with childhood/mother wounds, emotional issues that stemmed from that, and feelings of isolation. In 12 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching, I feel freed from my mother wound, I have a sense of self confidence that sometimes surprises me, and I feel closely connected to my spirit guides. The person I was when I started this program and the person I am today are two completely different people. Anastacia has helped me heal myself in a way that I’m now using to help others around me. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking to find their highest self mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  

- Cynthia F.  San Diego, CA

I have worked with several spiritual advisors over the years and what sets Anastacia apart from the crowd is that she is not secretive or selfish with her gift. Many folks in the spiritual world, although talented, are very possessive of their powers, while Anastacia is extremely focused on helping her clients find the power within themselves through her guidance -- the teach a man to fish method, if you will. I came in hesitant, but open-minded, and surprised even myself with the depth of my mind, my intuition, and my spirit. So many of the answers we seek are already within us and Anastacia has made a commitment to help them be retrieved.

- Corinne Fisher, Guys We Fucked Podcast 


Working with Anastacia has been one of the best personal decisions I have ever made. I have been in and out of therapy for years with different therapists and they always gave me tools to cope with anxiety but never really helped me get to the source of where this was coming from or taught me how to change my patterns. I was really looking for a program that was focused on understanding myself and why I react to things the way I do and the one on one coaching program was exactly that for me. With Anastacia's help I was able to get the tools to actually heal what I needed to rather than just cope and really changed the way I go through my everyday life.


I found my inner power, strength, and now feel that my life is something that I actively create everyday rather than something that is just happening to me. I was able to connect with my spirit guides, learn about my past lives, and create my own spiritual practices that are now integrated into my daily life. I look back at the person I was before starting this program and tuly can't believe how much I've grown and thrived in such a short period of time. One of my favorite things about working with Anastacia is that she really takes the time to tailor the program to each individual person and lets your needs guide the sessions.


What's also different about her approach compared to some other programs I've seen is that instead of instilling her own beliefs and practices onto you, she really helps you develop your own way of healing but empowers you with the knowledge and guidance you need along the way. She definitely sets you up with tools and practices you will use long after you finish the program.

- Anna P.  New York, NY

I've worked with many intuitive psychics and healers in my day and Anastacia is hands down one of the greats. We've had so many jaw-dropping, borderline freaky, moments together throughout her spiritual coaching program that I'll take with me for the rest of my days. Anastacia has helped me align with my own intuition and power and has taken away any doubt on my end as to whether or not there is magic inside all of us. You are so much more powerful than you could ever know and tapping into that power with the guidance of Anastacia is one of the best investments you could can make in yourself and your future.

Krystyna Hutchinson, Guys We Fucked Podcast

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"We have everything we need in the present, so be here now."
                    - Anastacia


Emily McLaughlin, CA

I joined Anastacia’s coaching program after an intensive period of regular therapy and personal progress. I wanted to continue to work on myself, and I had always been interested in spirituality. I could not have imagined how incredible and transforming my experience in Anastacia’s coaching program would be for me! She is such a delightful and inspiring person as an individual, and powerfully intuitive and connected spiritually. This program is work – it’s a lot of heavy emotional introspection, interrogation, and revelation, but it is absolutely worth it. Throughout the program, Anastacia was patient and kind, but confronted me when I wasn’t putting in enough effort to truly transform, and it was exactly what I needed! She is the best support, education, and inspiration, and I’m so happy to have worked with her and gotten to know her as the wonderful person that she is. I now have the knowledge and confidence to continue with my spiritual practice in the ways that I feel most comfortable and excited. Anastacia will always have my gratitude for this experience and the joy that it's brought.



bi-weekly & monthly payment plans available

*5% off if paid in full

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