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           1:1 Coaching

Up to 12 weeks of ascension, mind, body, and spirit connection, and past trauma clearing. 


Small container with very limited spots available.

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  • Disconnected from themselves 

  • Trapped by emotional blockages

  • Distant from their intuition 

  • Unclear on their life’s purpose 

  • Unsure how to begin a spiritual practice, and connect to the Universe and their guides

It is time to connect to your true power and ascend to your highest level of consciousness


  • Align your mind, body, and spirit

  • Build a sustainable self-love and care practice 

  • Reclaim your power and your intuition 

  • Awaken your highest self 

  • Untangle your thoughts, and live a life in true alignment 




For most of my life, I was afraid of my psychic gifts and did everything to avoid them, causing depression and serious burnout. 


When quarantined at home during the pandemic, I had no choice but to face my talents head-on. 


My own shadow work and awakening helped me build The Spiritual Goth, and live an aligned and conscious life. 


With my signature Spiritual Alignment Coaching Program, I teach you to do the same. 



  • Harness the power of your intuition through Tarot and oracle cards 

  • Learn ways to untangle your anxious and fear-based thoughts using cognitive behavioral psychology methods and Dr. David Burns’ “Feeling Good” method 

  • Grow your meditation practice into a daily routine 

  • Connect to your highest self through visualization, meditation, and shadow work 

  • Meet your spiritual team of guides, angels, and ancestors

  • Heal with reiki and light energy 

  • Slow down and observe the powerful synchronicities and signs you receive from your guides throughout your daily life  

  • Learn about your past lives, and how to heal current timelines with that new knowledge

  • Ascend to your highest level of consciousness! 


Monthly payment plans are available. 


6 sessions ($1,777) 

This package is for you if you already have a spiritual practice, but want a tune-up that includes: reiki, meditations, spiritual guidance, access to our community, and 1-on-1 coaching with Anastacia. 


8 sessions  ($2,222)

This package is for you if you want to get rid of negative self-talk and explore your spiritual side, but aren't ready to make the full investment of a three-month coaching program. You will receive access to some of The Spiritual Goth's offerings (to be determined based on your individual needs), which can include: reiki, meditations, a higher self-activation, meeting your spirit guides, and more. Note: This package does not include the past life regression, but you will be offered a discount.

10 sessions ($2,888)

You are ready to commit! You get to experience every service by The Spiritual Goth, including the past life regression. Connect with your ancestors and your spiritual team, and develop the spiritual routine you've been craving.  

(most popular)

12 sessions ($3,333) 

You know it is time to spiritually ascend and you are ready to go all in to get there! This is a high-touch, 3-month coaching program designed to transform your life. You get all of the benefits described in the above packages, but also learn how to read tarot one-on-one with Anastacia!

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