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Self Love Bootcamp 

Not Currently Being Offered


Have you ever...


🔮 Experienced depression or negative thoughts?

🔮 Let self-doubt get in the way of your goals?

🔮 Struggled to consistently eat nourishing foods or move your body? 

🔮 Wanted to learn how to meditate? 

🔮 Been curious about your past lives, and spirit guides? 

🔮 Craved your own love and approval? 

🔮 Sought true mind, body, and soul connection? 


Me too. And that’s exactly why I created this course. 

I am 27 now, but for 26 years I was afraid of my psychic gifts and did everything in my power to avoid them. I was so depressed it became a way of life. And I wanted to stay that way, for fear of becoming one of “those people” who thought life is great. I thought it was selfish to take care of myself and be happy. 


But during the quarantine, I connected my own mind, body, and soul and realized how wrong I had been. Life is great. What’s wrong with being happy? 


I went through the journey to self-love so quickly so I could teach you to do the same. And it is possible, I promise. 

The 3-week course beginning in June includes:

✨ Videos

✨ Meditations

✨ Journal prompts

✨ Live coaching


Self-love is not selfish. Together we will learn to break these negative cycles and live a spiritually aligned life! 


Two Ways to Pay: 

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